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DIRESTA Low Poly Art

When I first started woodworking, the first videos I watched were of Jimmy Diresta. I love his content and he has always inspired me to go out and make stuff. I don’t really have his same set of maker skills to try the big stuff I want to so I decided to use my graphic design skills to make this low poly portrait of him. This is my way of saying thanks.

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  1. Wacom Tablet
  2. Mouse
  3. Macbook Pro
  4. Adobe Creative Suit
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Step 1:

The first thing you want to do is find an image you want to turn into low poly art. I chose a maker, Jimmy Diresta. He has inspired to be =come a maker so I wanted to make this small gift for him.

Bring the image into adobe illustrator and make a new image ontop of that. This is where all the triangles are be. Take the pen tool (short cut p) and start making triangles covering the image. Make sure you are just putting a stroke on the shape and not a fill.

Every so often direct select points that overlap (short cut a) and align the horizontal and vertical centers.

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Step 2:

Once you have all of your triangles in place and they are all aligned you can move onto the next step. This is the part that will make this project really come to life.

Select one of the triangles with the select tool (short cut v) once it is selected you can then grab the eye dropper tool (short cut i) and select a color with in that triangle.

Do that for all the triangles till you can’t see the wire fram anymore.

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Step 3:

Now all of your shapes might not have completely lined up and that is fine. Mine didn’t, so what I did was selected all of my shapes and made a duplicate copy. I changed the color to black and used used the pathfinder tool -merge- to join them all together. I then sent this layer to the very back.