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Copper & Wood Business Card Holder

In this video I show you, along with my friend Calvin how to make a metal and wood business card holder on the x-carve. Overall, it worked great but there were a few sketchy moments. The x-carve if tough but I would suggest having a machinist with you just in case. This project could not have been done with out my friends help so be sure to check out his channel! I love how this card holder came out and it gets a bunch of compliments.

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  1. Cnc Machine
  2. Walnut
  3. Copper
  4. Super Glue
  5. Brasso Polish
  6. Sander
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Step 1:

I bought some thin copper sheat from amazon. I had my friend who is a machinist help met cut out the sides of the card holder since he knows more about milling metal than I do. We werent totally sure this would work on the x-carve but it did a pretty good job.

We put painters tape on the bed of the cnc and on the back of the copper and super glued the two together. We made sure to put even pressure while the glue dried so it wouldnt spring up during the milling process. We used a thin metal cutting endmill bit for this process.

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Step 2:

We used walnut for the sides to give the card holder a nice color contrast. We used the cnc again with a 1/8th wood endmill cutting bit. We then used a very small endmill bit to drill holes out for the tiny screws that holds the pieces together.

Once it was all assembled we took it to the belt sander to flush everything up.

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Step 3:

I used acetone to clean off the glue residue with a small cotton brush. Once that was dry I used some brasso polish and some elbow grease to buff out a nice shine on the copper. This wasnt working out too well so I busted out the Dremel with a buffing wheel on it.

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Overall, this came out really great and I would love to experiment with copper and the cnc more in the future. I love how it displays my logo in a creative way and tons of people ask me about it.