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Ice Blue Nintendo Joy Cons

I have always been a fan of Nintendo and video games. When I was younger I always wanted a N64 but never got one. I especially wanted the ice blue funtastic series. So this is a childhood dream come true that I can have Ice blue Joy Cons for my Nintendo Switch. This mod is fairly easy as long as you have patience.

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Step 1:

Start by taking out the battery. There is adhesive holding there so will need to use a bit of pressure.

Then Start detaching the ribbon cables. Push up on the black part to release the cable.

Once those are out of the way remove the joy stick and the mother board.

Then switch over the buttons to the new case. Once those are on reattach the mother board followed by the joy stick.

Reattach all the ribbon cables. Now pop off the trigger button and move it to the new middle piece of the case.

Once the trigger is on attach the triggers ribbon cable back to the motherboard and screw it in place.

Now move the piece attached to the back of the case. You really only need to remove one screw and move it to the new back of the case.

Thereis a picture of how it should all look before you close it.

Finally attach the back to the front.

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Step 2:

The right joy con is the same except it has the nfc reader on the bottom of it. Be careful of the black ribbon cable that you need to release in order to change it over to the new case. It is small and fragile. As long as you are careful you sahould be fine.

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I loved how these turned out and the whole project cost be about 60 bucks. It took me 2-3 hours to do but im sure that was just because I kept forgetting where everything went. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.