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Leather Stitching Pony

I have been wanting to get into leather working for a long time. I keep watching leather making videos on youtube and finally decided to dive in and try some leather projects out. I started small and made a keychain but in the future I want to make more complicated leather items. So I made this quick and easy leather pony.

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  1. Wood
  2. Miter saw
  3. Clamps
  4. Glue
  5. Contact cement
  6. Screws
  7. Hinge
  8. x-acto knife
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Step 1:

I ripped this walnut to 3.5″ wide.

I then crosscut it to 15″ long. You will need two of these.

The I used the cut offs and cut a 45 degree angle on each side. Then I cut them to equal sections and glued them to the 15″ boards.

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Step 2:

Once the wood was dry I cut 45 desgree bevels to make the arms look fancier.

Make sure you pre drill your holes other wise the wood could split. Mine split even though I pre-drilled. So be patient and hope for the best.

I messed up a lot in attaching my hinge to the moveable arm. So make sure you know where it is supposed to geo before you start making holes.

Once that was done I predrilled the bottom and attached some screws to attach the arms to the base.

The base was the same width as the arms.

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Step 3:

I used contact cement to attach leather scraps to the heads of the arms so it wouldn’t damage any leather while sewing.

Once it was dry I used a exacto knife to trim the excess.

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This stitching pony will be very helpful to me in the future so im glad I made one. I also saved a bunch of money by making it myself. If you make one hopefully you wont make as many mistakes as I did.