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Hamilton Wall Art

One of the most popular musicals out right now is Hamilton. There is just something about it that is totally awesome and catchy. I personally, along with my friends are obsessed with it. We quote/sing it a lot. One of my friends recently had their house redone and was moving into the bigger room of the house so I decided to maker her this awesome sign to hang on her wall.

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  1. Cnc machine or router
  2. Wood
  3. Stain
  4. Spray Lacquer
  5. A helpful cat
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Step 1:

I know not everyone has a cnc machine and that fine. You could print out the words and tape to a piece of wood and put a v groove router bit into your handheld router and make something very similar. I saved up my money so I could buy this machine and it has helped me out a lot.

I made sure my piece of wood was nice and secure and then used the computer to send the tool path to cut this out. It took about 45 mins to cut.

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Step 2:

My wood wasn’t the final size I wanted so I used a ruler to measure the sides and then made the cut on the table saw.

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Step 3:

Ok, so I should have stained the board before I cut out the words that will have saved me a LOT of time. But since I didn’t I had to use a paint brush to carefully paint the stain in-between the letters. I did get a little in the letters though so I came back with some white paint to touch it up.

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I love how this came out! Obviously, it took a little longer than I thought but this project can easily be customizable and have it say anything you want. I especially love the white/walnut color contrast of the sign.