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I hate having to carry keys! They make a lot of noise and often I lose them because they would be on a big lanyard with a bunch of key chains. So I decided to make something to hold just my keys and wouldn’t make noise. I don’t have a lot of keys but I have 3, Car, House, and Work. So far this organizer has worked great!

This is a really easy project to make and can be done with just a coping saw.


Get the plans: Cutting template


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  1. Wood
  2. Scroll saw or Coping saw
  3. Drill
  4. Stain
  5. Finish
  6. Two nuts & bolts (length depends on how many keys you want it to hold)
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Step 1:

I attached the template with spray adhesive. I decided to drill out the holes before I cut out the shape in case the template decided to come off before it finished cutting.

I used my scroll saw to cut this out and both pieces only took about 10 mins with the speed set to medium. You could easily use a coping saw but will most likely take longer. However that is an option.

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Step 2:

I sanded everything with a 120 grit sandpaper. I mostly just used it to break down the edges.

Once that was done I used a countersink bit to sink the holes on one side so the nuts and bolts could sit flush.

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Step 3:

I used a spray on Walnut stain. I let it dry for ten mins before applying a clear coat. I really like how the spray stain works and looks.

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I love how this project came out. (I love how all how my projects come out regardless of how they look) It is very easy and quick to use and I have had no issue. I made this one for my dad, the one I use has my car key in it and it works really well. I have an old car so the key doesn’t have any kind of black rubber stuff on it. The thing about these is they make no noise!