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Wire Spool Holder

In this video I show you how to make small wire spool holder. I have just had mine in a box and found that it was annoying. So I made this so i can store them and just pull the wire and it will roll off the spool. It is going to make any electronic project much easier.

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  1. MDF
  2. Glue
  3. Small Clamps
  4. Paint
  5. Saw
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Drill
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Step 1:

I put my spools of thread on a thin dowel rod and just eyeballed a good length to make this holder. I made mine so that I can add some more spools later on. Then I measured and cut the bottom to the same length as the rod. I cut these out on a band saw but you could easily do this with a coping or hand saw.

I roughly sketched out a shape for the sides so it wouldn’t look too boxy. I then cut those out on the bandsaw as well.

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Step 2:

I used a forester bit slightly bigger than my dowel rod to drill out a hole on both sides to hold the dowel in place. Im not gonna glue it in or anything so that it can be removed to add or take away wire spools.

Since this thing was so small I decided to sand everything by hand with a 120 grit sanding block.

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Step 3:

I put a small amount of glue on each side and clamped them down to the base. I added clamping pressure for a stronger bond.

I used a metallic silver spray paint to finish this thing. I think it came out looking pretty cool and techy which is good considering it houses wire for electronic projects. The whole thing only took one coat of paint.

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Once this thing dried I added my spools of thread. The dowel fits in the holes nicely and freely spins but will stay in place.

Overall I love how this came out! I can’t wait to use it!