Modern Concrete Clock

I have recently been obsessed with working with concrete. So I have been trying to think of some fun simple projects to make. A friend of mine had purchased a clock very similar to the one I made online for $75! To me that just seems like way too much money to spend on a clock. So I figured this would make a great project and would look cool in my room!

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Tools & Materials

Step 1:

Mixing the concrete is super easy. You just scoop some mix into a big bowl and add a little bit of water at a time to it. You keep mixing until the the mix looks like pancake batter. That is the consistency you are going for. The cool think about using a pizza mold is that you can make the clock as thick or as thin as you want. I filled mine about half way.

Step 2:

Once your mix is ready start to add it to the mold. I just dumped the whole thing into it at once. I used a wooden spoon to smooth it out and spread the concrete to all the edges. I then vibrated the mold for about 2 mins to get all the air bubbles out. Now all you have to do is wait.

Make sure to wait at least 20 hours before removing the mold.

Step 3:

For some reason this came out great! Hardly no holes in the front side of the mold. I thought I hadn’t vibrated the mold enough. It actually came out of the mold very smooth. At this point I was super excited for this clock! I used frog tape to cover half of the clock so I could paint the other half.

I used an Ocean Mist color and it looked great. I sprayed two coats and since it was really hot in California I only had to wait about 5 mins between coats.

Step 4:

To drill concrete you have to use a special drill bit! I got a cheap pack from amazon and it works great. I grabbed the size that was the same as the clock shaft and started drilling. I wish I had used a smaller bit first though since I got a little tear out. Even with the little bit of tear out I still think the clock looks great.

I ordered a white modernish clock movement from amazon as well and was really happy with how it added to the clock. You could easily use any type of clock hands and you could paint them any color you wanted.

I LOVE how this clock turned out. It is gonna be perfect in my room. Since it is so thin and the clock back sticks out a bit I am gonna put it in my bookcase and not hang it on the wall. This clock took a total of 30 mins to make (minus concrete drying time) and was a ton of fun. With all the different colors of spray paint the possibilities are endless!